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More than 20 years ago a little “Pub” was born by the name of “The Paradise”, one of the first pubs of the village, being a chosen place for all World Wide travelers.

With time “The Paradise” evolved into a Hotel-Restaurant with its spirit and personality well kept from its roots.
We all work under the regional style essence in contrary to the international style. Our aims being those who visit us feel as if they are in a unique place were memories of their trip stay with them wherever they go.

Our way of being is mainly known for its informality and atmosphere in which makes winding down and enjoyment  more easy, without leaving on a side the professional and humble attention of each and every person that provide the strength for our services, with a well looked after and planned aspect…after all we are convinced that the human resource is the main link to “The Paradise” experience.

The Paradise - 2º path down to the beach - Puerto Pirámides - Chubut - Patagonia Argentina
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