Peninsula Valdez te ofrece una amplia lista de opciones con diferentes actividades para que puedas disfrutar en tu estadia.
Desde deportes extremos como buceo, circutos con bicicleta, entre otros y disfrutar de las diferentes vistas y faunas que este lugar nos regala cada dia.

Trekking y Mountain bike

Cycling or walking circuits are offered to different parts of the peninsula. All crossings are adapted to the clients’ needs so that they can enjoy the fauna and flora, photograph and contemplate the lovely landscapes. In summer it is possible to bath in the sea or natural pools to cool off and continue the journey. Bicycles for personal use can be also rented to explore the nearby beaches and the town at ease.

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Snorleking with sea lions and diving

Dare to experience life in the sea, getting to know the marine fauna and interacting with sea lions. It is an unforgettable experience!

Scuba diving, scuba diving courses and underwater baptisms are als offered. Choose from a variety of sites that suits your level. All sites are easily accesible from the coast by speed boats.

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Sea Kayak

Sea kayak tours offer you access to coastal wilderness, and the chance to enjoy it in every way possible. You’ll experience enough challenge to ensure adventure while discovering one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

Day-trips and long-trips options are offered as well as kayak courses.

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Whale Watching

From mid-June to mid-December, the Southern Right Whale can be closely observed in its natural habitat. As boats approach these majestic marine mammals, crew members will be explaining the behavior and life of these animals. Photographers will be capturing every moment of this experience. Dont miss this unique encounter!

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Tour the Valdés Peninsula

There are two options, tour the peninsula independently or through a licensed operator. Keep in mind that the maximum speed allowed is 60km / h and driving on gravel routes should be cautious.

On the way there are possibilities to observe guanacos, hares, maras, foxes, armadillos, rhea and a great variety of birds. Depending on the time of year you can also observe marine fauna such as penguins, sea lions, sea elephants and orcas. Tides are an important factor in spotting marine fauna. We recommend consulting with the wildlife guards at the Visitor Center or right here at our inn.

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Visit Puerto Madryn

The closest city to Pto Piramides is Puerto Madryn. It is located on the shores of the Golfo Nuevo, 100 klm away from Peninsula Valdes.

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